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Site opens Saturday 28th July 2018 (9 am) to Sunday 5th August 2018 (12 noon)


All families, individuals and staff who stay on the Wessex Camping Committee Campsite are required to fill in a registration form. This is for safety reasons and can be a means of contacting you should there be a problem with your tent during the time you are in School.  You can fill the registration form in advance by downloading and printing it from the link below. This form is to be handed in on arrival with the payment . ( DO NOT SEND) Please note that Any contact details that we hold about you will be not be passed on to any other party and will only be used for contacting you during this event after which it will be distroyed

Pre Booking (Booking for 2018 is now open site is now over 60% full)
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Pre booking  is available again this year to allow groups to be together that may be arriving at different times throughout the weekend and also for anyone who works on Saturday and cannot arrive until late on Sunday or even Monday. This pre booking requires NO fees to be paid and the site(s) requested will be held for the rest of the day after the estimated time of your arrival .

Please open up one of the following links which will show you the site map. All the sites are numbered and any site that is already reserved will be colored in Red. All you need to do is to fill in the details on the Pre-Booking form and return it to John Cotton at . He will then colour in the plots you require and re post the map along with sending you confirmation that the booking as be made.







Caravan Hire
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We have an arrangement with the following please mention the course name when booking

Henstridge caravan hire can provide you with a caravan for your event from a little as £300. They can cater for nearly every need and provide you with a service that is second to none. Their basic vans which just includes a battery for lighting no gas or water are £300, if you require one for cooking and washing we can provide that for £450, We also do a van with all the crookery, cultery, porch awning and more for £550. Please phone and we can tailor a caravan to meet your requirements. Please visit the webb site list below

Email     Henstridge Caravans

Phone    01963 362421     07779130697 (Richard)    07974813480 (Dan)

The Selected Caravan will be brought to your booked plot and set up ready for you to use when you arrive, NO HASSLE

Henstridge Caravans have been trading since 1973 so rest assured you are dealing with a well-established company and they have been coming to our site for three or four years now.

For every booking receive 10% off until the end of April 2018.






Forms and Map
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Site Map 2017 pdf for you to check the old map
List of Campers 2017 pdf To check last years details
Site Map 2018                  pdf Up dated 12-07-18
List of Campers 2018 pdf Updated 26-06-18
Pre Booking Form 2018    pdf email to john
Pre Booking Form 2018 xls email to john
Registration Form pdf required on arrival
Registration Form xls required on arrival

Any problems down loading the details please email:-






Campsite Fees 2018
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Adult (age 14yrs and over) price £5.00 per person per night

Children (age 5-13years) £3.50 per person per night




Please make cheques payable to ‘Wessex Camping'








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•  A fire bucket full of water must be placed outside your unit.

•  Cook outside, away from your tent or awning. Hot pans, kettles etc. must be raised off the ground, not placed directly on the grass.

•  No disposable barbecues are allowed to be used on the camping field.

•  Do not leave bottles or glass in direct sunlight.

•  Extinguish cigarettes in a safe manner, preferably in a bucket of water.

•  No Chinese lanterns are to be let off.

•  No candles, tea lights or naked flames are permitted.

•  Make sure everyone in your group knows what to do if there is a fire, and understands the specific camping field procedures.


The Camping Committee reserves the right to prohibit the use of barbecues if circumstances make it necessary.